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page 521 - from Volume 3 - Meccan Revelations

Whoever enacts a good Sunnah, starting without contempt from anyone created except from God to him, then that good deed is a treasure that God has hoarded in this servant from a special aspect, then the servant utters it to show it as the one who spends his money that he stored in his box. The divine special, and other than that, it is not hoarding. The first to speak of it is the place of hoarding in which God has hoarded, and it is in the right of the one who received it from him, a close remembrance that was described as a treasure. These are all its symbols because they are all his treasures, and after I informed you about the image of hoarding and hoarding, and how it is, so that you may know what you are his treasure. Any place to hoard it from what you have no place for, if you received it or received it from someone else, then you know your fortune from your Lord and the paths of prophecy that he singled you with, so you will then be aware of your Lord in what you worship Him with. From you and from this door

The issue of Bilal, which the Messenger of God, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, stipulated for us in his saying to him: How did you beat me to Paradise?

He asks him if he knows that he, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, preceded him, and when he mentioned what he stated to us, he said of them, i.e. in the two cases, so whoever works on that will have the reward of work and Bilal the reward of teething and the reward of your work together. natural

The Prophet, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, says: We are a teacher, and all good is in your hands.

That is, you are the one who hoarded it among your servants, and it is by placing you among them and hoarding you

Then he said, "Evil is not yours."

That is, you did not store it among your servants, and it is the Almighty s saying: Whatever good comes to you is from God, i.e. the definition of that is from God, and the judgment that this is from God and this is from yourself and this is good and this is evil. They hardly understand a conversation, i.e., they do not understand what I told them about, for I said whatever good happened to you, it is from God, and whatever bad happened to you, it is from yourself that it is possible for you, or I made it clear what I wanted to know the knowledge of God. It is from God, there is no evil eye

When the Messenger of God, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, knew that, he said, All goodness is in your hands, and evil is not yours.

Likewise is the saying of the Most High, and a soul and everything else, so inspire it with its immorality, that it is immorality and its piety. Verily, God does not command immorality and immorality and immorality, so the remembrance is for the origin, which is the pole and the praise. And for each case of praise, he divided it like this on the two imams, for these are three whose ranks have been clarified, and since the directions from which Satan comes to man are four, and they are the Almighty s saying to us in his book about Satan, Then He will come to them from before them, and from behind them, and from their oaths, and from their oaths, and from these directions. His belief in it made the four pegs to hold them in these directions, for each peg to one side, i.e. the majority of him must preserve that direction in particular, even if he has protection for all other directions.

Like I made you Zayd and I made you over to me

And as the group carries what one cannot carry if he is alone, then each one of the group has the power to carry it, and most of his strength carries what he carries from that portable. Substitutes have memorization of the seven attributes in their possessor s disposal of them, as they have a disposition in good and disposition in evil, so it preserves its owner to administer the good and protect him from disposing of them in evil. Then change these two outwardly and inwardly, and God is All-Knowing of everything. For its meaning, do not neglect its use. In this house of sciences, the science of dhikr that draws close to God Almighty, the science of divine names, and the knowledge of God s names.

- the Meccan Revelations - page 521 - from Volume 3

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