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displaying page 57 - from volume 3 - Chapter fifteen and three hundred on knowing the house and the obligation of punishment from the presence of Muhammadiyah

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page 57 - from Volume 3 - Chapter fifteen and three hundred on knowing the house and the obligation of punishment from the presence of Muhammadiyah

The Possessor of majesty and honor, the science of distinction, the science of creation and invention, and what comes back, the science of the regions, the science of secrets, the science of latency and appearance, the science of divine power, the science of the competition between truth and creation, the science of delay and neglect, and what is its wisdom, and whether the forbearing delays or neglects, and the science of resurrection, this I have shown you what I mentioned that I show him and God says the truth and he is guides the way

The fifteenth and three hundredth chapter on knowing the house and the obligation of punishment from the presence of Muhammad

If our facts meet, we unite *** but there is no way to reach

To this place in every way *** for the sake of equating with the descent

And how is it right for him to rise up to him *** and where is the venerable age of Hebron?

I saw his beloved pray for him *** as he prayed for the soul of Hebron

So the plural is the same as the difference in it *** This is how the hadith came from the Messenger

If the suns of knowledge slip away, the minds of their fortune are lost, the knowledge of the evidence

If the unseen were to be witnessed by eyes ***, its rise would be the eye of fading away

[ The obligation of torment is to befall the tormented .]

Know, O intimate Guardian, that the necessity of torment is that it falls to the tormentor. It is said that the wall is obligatory if it falls, and the fall is only for one who does not have intrinsic height and does not deserve the height of his own accord. So when he rose from this attribute, he did not have a reality that held him high, so he fell down that last house, We make it for those who are not worthy. The earth and the psychological qualities are not intended for the one who is described by them, so whoever is exalted by someone else and does not have a guardian to preserve his elevation will fall and be killed. Of the mighty and arrogant, God divided him and took him, and for this he said, The consequence is for the pious, that is, the consequence of the exaltation with which he who desires to be exalted in the earth is for the pious, that is, God gives them exaltation in status in this world and the hereafter. Determining the levels of creation with God and their status with Him, the Almighty, the pious ones must be elevated on the Day of Resurrection. Great because they did not crowd them in their ranks, so what happened in their souls of glorifying the pious from their loftyness and intended to serve them and be blessed by them, and that highness with which they appeared to this pious, and the consequence of elevation was for the pious and the mighty does not feel and enjoy the mighty if it is said that he has humbled and descended to this pious and imagine the mighty That the pious is the lowest and that the mighty descended to him, rather the height of the mighty moved to the pious from where he does not feel, and the mighty descended under the height of this pious, and if the pious were asked about his height, he would not find anything in him, so it is proven that the height in man is only his realization of his servitude and his non-exit and his characterization of what is not Do you not see the wisdom of God Almighty in His saying, When the water overwhelmed, that is, it rose and rose and added the height to him and what the truth added to himself. God wanted him to be saved from the believers, the ship did what is in it on the height of the water, and the water became under it, and the tyranny of the water disappeared in the right of the ship, so it broke in itself, and the reason for that was adding height to it, even if it was from God and by God s command, but God added height only to water, so if he added the height of water to God Almighty to save He was above him, so that no ship could rise above him, and nothing would ever float on the face of the water. The name of the tormentor is what rises in the same torment from the loftiness because of it, he drops it on the torturer with it, and he ceases to be above the height that he was proud of when the tormentor was described with it. He wants to torture him for an order issued by him that necessitates torment, so that order affected the soul of the king with anger that hurt the king, and the king of great destiny is not worthy of his position because of his high position that he is tormented by something and he did this

- the Meccan Revelations - page 57 - from Volume 3

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