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displaying page 115 - from volume 4 - Chapter Four hundred and seventy-nine in the case of Qutb was his home and whoever venerates the sanctities of God is ...

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page 115 - from Volume 4 - Chapter Four hundred and seventy-nine in the case of Qutb was his home and whoever venerates the sanctities of God is ...

And his saying, or more severe, for the stone cannot prevent you from affecting it with the pick, and the heart will withhold from your impact on it without doubt, for you have no power over it. People broke a hard, dry stone and saw in the middle of that stone a cavity in which there was a worm in its mouth, a green leaf that it would eat.

It was narrated in the first prophecy that God Almighty under the earth is a solid rock in the hollow of that rock, an animal that has no outlet in the rock, and that God has made food for him in it while he glorifies God and says, Glory be to Him who does not forget me at a distance from my place.

I mean, from the place from which the sustenance comes, not far from God, for the ratio of God to His creation in terms of proximity with the stillness of the Ra is one, and in terms of proximity with the opening of the Ra, a different ratio, so know that or in the heavens with what God has placed in the swimming of the planets in their orbits from the effects in the pillars to create The livelihood of the world or rain also, the sky is in the tongue of the Arabs rain, the poet said

If the sky falls on the land of a people

He means in the sky here rain and his words, or in the earth with its acceptance and formation of livelihood, for it is the site of the appearance of livelihood, as the mother is the place of the appearance of the child, in which the father also has an impact on what he threw in the womb, whether it was intended for him or not. The mothers pillars are among the things that necessitate childbirth, and whether that is intended for the planet or not, according to what God Almighty knows from what He revealed in every heaven of the divine command that only the one who revealed it to him knows. With it, God warns you with this definition that you bring him what he charged you with. If you bring him to him, you hope for him for what you bring him, and he does not hope for you for what he brought you, for he is needless of the worlds, and you are one of the poor to him. God is kind, i.e. He conceals that He knows and leads to Him, i.e., to the knowledge of it from the mustard seed. from him request something From that, there is no benefit for him other than repelling his pain with that, which is the greatest pillar, and if not, the ruling of Paradise is that it is the same as the occurrence of desire, the same as the occurrence of the desired, so that if you delay it until the second time that follows the time of the occurrence of desire, it would have been in pain. That the craving should be delayed beyond the time of craving, then it is necessary So if the pain that is desired occurs and the greater the pleasure of it, the rush of that pain, so understand this and achieve it, for it will benefit you, and God speaks the truth and He guides the way.

The four hundred and seventy-ninth chapter in the case of Qutb was his home, and whoever honors the sacred things of God, it is better for him with his Lord.

Whoever venerates the sanctity of God *** does not see eyes but God

Everything in the universe is forbidden *** There is no object but it

Most of them are not sahih *** No nor in judging by idiot

How can he neglect his forbidden *** Whoever sees things in God

He is the seer with a neighbor until *** and I am about that with the Sahi

[ The whole world has been forbidden by God ]

The world has forbidden the truth, and the universe is its sanctuary in which these people dwell. And his wife in whom his Prophet was, because he was his short rib before the shape known to man, so this is what God created of the world and the reference to it in His saying, all from Him, and His saying in Jesus and a spirit from Him, He did not attribute it to anyone else because He then changed it. You are from him, not from yourself, from another matter. So whoever exalts the sanctity of God, then is the veneration of God, and whoever exalts God is good for him, which is what he will be rewarded with of glorification in the likes of his saying. That is, one who honors it with his Lord

- the Meccan Revelations - page 115 - from Volume 4

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