The Meccan Revelations: al-Futuhat al-Makkiyya

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page 2 - from Volume 4 - Meccan Revelations

[ part four ]

( In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful )

The four hundred and one chapter on knowing how to fight the dead and the living has no way to see me.

The dead and the living are equal *** in that they have nothing

From me, there is neither light nor darkness *** in them, nor shadow nor in

Seeing them to be non-existent *** So spread them in being folding

And understand them if their meaning is *** about him, if you verify it

[ Verily, God is not comprehended by eyes ]

God Almighty said, eyes do not perceive Him, and the Almighty said to Moses, peace be upon him, You will not see Me. He was the manifestation of their vision themselves, so they described him as manifesting and seeing, but the beholder s preoccupation with seeing himself in the manifestation of the truth veiled him from seeing the truth. Therefore, if the beholder did not reveal his image or the image of a universe from the universes that he might see, then we would not have veiled him except ourselves. It remains then with our demise who sees it, and if we did not descend, then we see nothing but ourselves in it, and our images, our destiny and our status. In any case, what we saw, and we may expand, so we say that we have seen it and we believe, as if we said we saw the human being, we believed in that you say our opinion of past people and those who remained and those in our time of their being A human being, not in terms of the personality of every human being, and since the whole world and its individuality is in the image of truth and we saw the truth, then we have seen and believed. that one of us He does not see his Lord until he dies, because the covering is not revealed from the sight except by death, and the sight of the servant is the identity of the truth, so your eye is a covering over the sight of the truth, so the sight of the truth grasps the truth and sees it, not you. And the sight of the servant does not comprehend God, and it is not in the power to separate between the two eyes and the expert, the knowledge of taste, for he is the All-Knowing of experience. in a thing, and nothing is permitted in it, for there is nothing like it, and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing

Every hearing and sight *** is the identity of the truth and has

So see if you see from *** you see it the string of number

And be recognizing him *** in every error and rationality

The second chapter, four hundred in the knowledge of the confrontation of the one who overcomes me, I overpowered him, and whoever overcomes him overpowers me, so delinquency towards peace is more preferable.

From most of the truth is that which is detached from a monument *** and remains with the breath in fatigue

So incline towards peace, do not incline to war *** and if you fight, then God is in the pursuit

I advised you, so listen to what I say *** Indeed, destruction is associated with war

- the Meccan Revelations - page 2 - from Volume 4

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