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displaying page 475 - from volume 3 - Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy-six Concerning a House that Combines the Guardians and Enemies of the Wisdom of God

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page 475 - from Volume 3 - Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy-six Concerning a House that Combines the Guardians and Enemies of the Wisdom of God

And the Later, and in it there is the knowledge of evil and good, and the rule of faith, and in it is the knowledge of partial souls, and in it is the knowledge of the attributes of those close to it, and in it is the knowledge of misguidance and guidance, and in it is the knowledge of establishing the One in the place of the plural, and God speaks the truth and He guides the way.

The seventy-sixth chapter three hundred on knowing a house that combines the saints and enemies of the Wisdom of God

And quarreling with the world of the unseen with one another, and this house contains a thousand shrines of Muhammad

The spoils are the fire of truth that consumes them *** and whoever is in place of it has been saved

From her, she has no authority over him *** for that is his representative in creation who has ruled

And what has passed will be abrogated by its act *** on the Day of Resurrection by the copy that was drawn

Everyone enjoys the pleasure of his home *** The people of Heaven, the people of Hell and the ancients

Whoever does not have a fortune in knowledge and knowledge *** what has been presented in the affairs of passion is ahead

May God bless her with the knowledge of his mercy *** It is fortunate that we reach the statuses of knowledge

[ God has more than the fortunes of his servants ]

Know that God Almighty has made it clear to His servants in this house that he has in it an abundant share of the fortunes of His servants, and for this reason

The Messenger of God, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, said, The right of God is more deserving of justice.

It means from the right of the creature, and he said in the Holy Qur an, After a bequest or a debt, he made the will over religion, and the will is the right of God, because he made it obligatory upon us when the testator made it obligatory in the money that he has a disposal for. For they give precedence to the bequest over religion, and according to it I say, God has made the fortune that he has in prayer on half, and he is less than this other fortune

He said: I divided the prayer between me and my servant in two halves, half of it for me and half of it for my servant, and my servant shall have what he asked

So, in this division, God, Glory be to Him, equated the division between God and His servant if he prayed and said in his share in the spoils, that he has one-fifth of the spoils and what is left, which is four-fifths divided by five. The situation is between him and his servants, otherwise the share of the half is greater than the share of the fifth, so the portion of prayer is greater than the portion of the spoils, and by looking at the specific place and the special division, then his share in the spoils by looking at what remains of the categories divided among them is greater. There is nothing like it, so he denied the analogy and in another place.

His translator says that God created Adam in his image

Then he made man the place of the appearance of the names in him and gave them to him, so the slave named him by every name by which the truth is called, and if the lineage differs, the reasonableness of the connotation of the name is one and does not change. In his rank, he killed the dispute

The Messenger of God, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, said, If allegiance is given to two caliphs, then kill the other of them.

And he placed in his hand the disposal of the treasury, and he diverted his consideration in general, and commanded us to obey him, whether he was against us or was just towards us. The Almighty said: O you who have believed, obey God and obey the Messenger and those in authority among you, and they are the caliphs, for whom God has appointed successor as I appoint him as successor. Giving, preventing, punishing and pardoning are all on the lawful scale, so they have authority and dismissal, just as the right is in His hand the scale lowers the premium and raises it, and that scale is the one who sent it down to the earth by His saying, and He set the scale, then said that He raises to Him the deeds of the day before the deeds of the night and the deeds of the night before the deeds of the day. The subjects are raised to him by his workers and his meals, and he accepts from them what he wills and returns from them what he wills. Everything that the truth has mentioned for himself from disposing of his creation and did not help him made the imam to dispose of it among his servants, then God made for him enemies who dispute with him in his divinity like Pharaoh and his likes. He has the right to fight them and kill them if he gains victory over those of them as He does with the polytheists, and the period of their stay is like the period of God s respite for them, and the taking of the Caliph and his victory over them is like the time of death for these even if they met the abrogation. As long as they differed in one letter in the ruling, and just as the truth judges by his previous knowledge of his creation, the Caliph rules the Caliph according to his preponderance of thought, because the Caliph does not have the rank of knowledge of everything that happens in his possession and he does not know what is right from what is invalid, but it is according to what the evidence says as God does with his creation with his knowledge

- the Meccan Revelations - page 475 - from Volume 3

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