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displaying page 380 - from volume 2 - [ Behavior is a transition from a house of worship to a house of worship with meaning ]

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page 380 - from Volume 2 - [ Behavior is a transition from a house of worship to a house of worship with meaning ]

The best is in the manifestation of its effects, so the end of his knowledge is the ultimate in his mercy. Then I go back and say, and if fatigue occurs on the way, then it is fatigue in comfort, like a hired worker, carrying fatigue or taking pleasure in what he finds in himself from the comfort of the wage for which he works, so he is prevented from fatigue and the presence of the rest of the wage, and if he catches it, he enters the rest of sleep at night His limbs were free from movement and found rest, so he moved from the comfort of the wages to the comfort of sleep. Therefore, to investigate that the world s images of the truth from the inner name are images of dreams for the sleeper, and the expression in them is that these images are his condition, so there is no other than him, just as the images of dreams are the conditions of the seer and no one else. the heavens and the earth and all that is between them except with the truth, and it is the same, and it is his saying in the right of those who know, and they know that God is the manifest truth, i.e. the apparent, he is the one and the many.

The Messenger of God, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, when he woke up with his companions, he would ask them if any of you had seen a dream.

Because it is a prophecy, and he loved to witness it in his nation, and people today are extremely ignorant of this rank that the Messenger of God, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, was taking care of and asking every day about it. And it is nothing but a dream, so they underestimate the seer if he relies on it, and all of this is due to his ignorance of its place and his ignorance that he is awake and acting in a dream and in a dream in a dream in a dream.

His saying, peace be upon him, people are asleep

How amazing is the prophetic news, it has revealed the facts as they are and magnified what the minor mind has despised, for it is not issued except from the great, which is the truth. Physical comfort is nothing else. This is the state of the dream, and the knowledge of the place and the place remains. As for the place, it is this racist formation. The vision has no place for another. The king does not have a vision. Rather, that is for the racial and animal genesis in particular, and its place in divine knowledge is transmutations in the forms of transfiguration. And fatigue is nothing else. As for the place, it is what is under the concave orbit of the moon in particular, and in the Hereafter what is under the concave orbit of the fixed planets, and that is because sleep may be in Hell at times, especially in the believers from the people of major sins and above the orbit of the planets, so there is no sleep

By this I mean this sleep that is known in the custom. As for what we went to first in knowing the state of sleep, that is another matter that we have explained and a picture of its place thus, so look at what we have depicted in the margin, and this is the picture of the place of the vision, and it is likened to the horn, and the pictures above are wide and below are narrow inverted The one that follows the head from it is the highest and it is the widest, and the one that is the narrowest of it is the lower one, and it is the one that is farthest from the origin, so that horn is the place of the vision. Eternity, and this measure is sufficient for what we want from defining the position of the vision, and God speaks the truth and He guides the way. The Hundred and Seventeenth Part is over

(The Gates of Conditions) (Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-Nine on the Traveler and Behavior)

Behavior is the best path *** If you are upright, then you are the one who follows it

He derives the word from the wire of alleles *** So his wizard beat the speculator and patted

Do not prevent you from behaving in annoyance *** Behind them are your opinions and your dranches

They do not walk until the end of *** the ways of the shops with their fixers you missed

[ That behavior is a transition from a house of worship to a house of worship in the sense ]

Know, may God grant you success, that behavior is a transition from a house of worship to a house of worship with meaning and a transition in the form of a legitimate action on the way

- the Meccan Revelations - page 380 - from Volume 2

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