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displaying page 21 - from volume 3 - [The highest of homes with God ]

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page 21 - from Volume 3 - [The highest of homes with God ]


[ The highest homes with God ]

And know that this attribute that I warned you about was given to us by a moment and a witness from the presence of Al-Quds, for it is its headquarters, and only he who has with God the highest ranks. If he is a Christian or a Magian or a Jew or a disabled person, then he is among the highest of the houses in them in his class and in his rank.

The old man is the one who *** does not claim to be restrained and blackened

And the converts, and the triumphant, and the hypocrite, and the disabling, and the polytheist, and the monotheist

It is immaculate, simulated, ambiguous *** and possible, our fan and embodied

The attributes of his majesty and beauty pervaded all people, and he was even meant to be

The jealous is the one who does not turn away *** from himself in a state of misguidance and guidance

And that the position in which this characteristic is carried out, the owner of it, if he belongs to any sect or bee, must return to the religion of guidance, surrender, believe, and rush to noble morals by revealing true knowledge, so that he will be the most perfect of people in faith and the greatest of them in rank with God, knowing the stations of the messengers and prophets, peace be upon him, and the virtue of some of them. On some saints and believers, for the attribute that led him to Islam is the greatest of attributes in God s sight in regard to the servant s right, so He descends to lofty homes and raises him in high places and receives him from the angels. And between him, he takes his hand and raises him to the position of this attribute in the Iliyyin, so he is not in his class above him, except for the one who works with his work, for he is in his rank and with him, and this amount of this house is sufficient. The one who abandons prayer and the unbeliever with some of what God has revealed, the knowledge of the Bedouins, the knowledge of laying down the laws, the science of isthmus, the science of resurrection, the knowledge of the sustenance of the earth, the order of the heavens, and what is generated between heaven and earth, between the directions of truth and the universe, between every pair, and the science of man and animal, and the science of the Hour. It was called a watch, and is it in every tongue with this meaning understood from the name of the hour or not, and does the watch have an image that has perception of hearing, sight and distinction or not, and the knowledge of the attributes evaluating each rank so that its people are distinguished by it, and the knowledge of the two books with which the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, came out in his hands to his companions ?

He, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, said that in the one book are the names of the people of Paradise and the names of their forefathers, their tribes and clans, and in the other book are the names of the people of Hell and the names of their fathers, their tribes and their clans.

With the small size of the two books and the large number of names, so it is known from this that the big should be added to the young without making the big one bigger or making the small one bigger. This is in its smallness and this in its greatness, and it is seen from this station that the station is behind the stage of the mind in terms of what is independent of its perception of being a thinker. He is the Creator of the limits, there is no limit to Him, Glory be to Him, He is All-Powerful, and God speaks the truth and He guides the way.

Chapter Three Hundred and Five on Knowing the Manifestation of Synonyms of Adverbs on the Hearts of Men from the Muhammadan Presence

The facts of the truth with names and status *** The universe fluctuates from one state to another

Only the hearts know about it, and there is no room for the mind without boredom

The intellect is contrary to the perversion of existence, so the mind has nothing but chains and shackles

The mind witnesses a self that cannot be transferred *** from it, and your heart is in flux

The outward appearances are God's turning of us *** in himself, and to me he is the eye of misguidance

[ The science of strength, which is shooting with a bow ]

Know, may God grant you success, that this house contains many sciences, including the science of strength, which is shooting with a bow and entering into it and knotting fingers on

- the Meccan Revelations - page 21 - from Volume 3

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