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displaying page 455 - from volume 3 - Chapter Three Seventy Three On Knowing the House of Three Secrets Appeared in the Preferred Hakam Water

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page 455 - from Volume 3 - Chapter Three Seventy Three On Knowing the House of Three Secrets Appeared in the Preferred Hakam Water

He had one of those faces until his heart settled in him, so he knew how God revives the dead, as well as the story of Joseph, Lot, Moses, David and Muhammad, peace be upon him, as well as what they attributed in the story of Solomon to the two angels. Interpretation of the Holy Qur an with that and what is in it is a text in a book or in the Sunnah, for God will protect us and you from the mistakes of thoughts, words and actions. And God says, And as for the grace of your Lord, speak, and in it there is the knowledge of submission and repentance, and in it there is the knowledge of the rank of imagination, and that there is truth in it. It is worshiped, and in it is the knowledge of knowing the places of existence, and in it is the knowledge of concealment and transfiguration, and in it is the science of comparison in knowledge, and in it is the science of thankfulness and the thankful, and in it is the knowledge of the usual and unusual verses, and in it is the knowledge of blasphemy and transcendence, and what is transcendent in the right of God Almighty. In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful The twenty-sixth book of al-Futuh al-Makki ended with the end of the seventy-second chapter and three hundred in the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

The seventy-third chapter three hundred in knowing the house of three secrets that appeared in the preferred wise water

His rank over the world with care and the survival of the world forever and ever, even if his image is transmitted while he is from the presence of Muhammad

Maqamats that state the consistency of *** for the souls of Mnabah Krum

I utter it and my companion does not know *** because the light is in the eye of darkness

If there was no darkness, there would be no light *** So the eye of imperfection appears completely

If the addition is known to whoever sees it *** it is restricted to contracts and performance

He sees that existence has an end *** and that the beginning appears with the end

So there is a barrier between the beginning and the end of *** an existence that is still with permanence

[ The whole world is a written book ]

Know, may God help you, that the whole world is a book written in a parchment published, which is existence, so it is apparent, expanded, not folded, to know by its simplicity that it is created for mercy, and by its appearance it is intelligible and knows what is in it and what indicates it. And the separation of the discourse and the picture of wisdom that the All-Wise, the All-Knowing, gave to the people of care, knowing the ranks of things and what the existence and information deserve from the right that belongs to them, which is to give everything that was created by God a divine gift to give every creation its right to give it universally with what God has given us, so we know by force what each existing within the limits deserves and we separate it after Indeed, those are verses for those who are sensible, as the wise expert gave it to me, so we lower matters into their proper places and give them their due and do not transgress their rank with them. In its places with this condition, because not every wise hinge is evidence that he has been given wisdom, knowledge of the rulings of the verses and his mercy with the verses and existents that are the divine book, and only the world is evidence of his knowledge of who sent it down, and there is no one but the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful. The ranks of the world and its destiny, it is to absolute mercy, and if he gets tired on the road and overtakes him with hardship and hardship, then there are people who obtain mercy and comfort with the same who enters the house he has reached, and they are the people of Paradise. The people of the fire who are its inhabitants, what are they who?

- the Meccan Revelations - page 455 - from Volume 3

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