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displaying page 120 - from volume 4 - Chapter Four hundred and eighty-four in the case of Qutb his house was when you reached the larynx and you ...

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page 120 - from Volume 4 - Chapter Four hundred and eighty-four in the case of Qutb his house was when you reached the larynx and you ...

himself on the authority of his Lord in his claim, and he belied the good, which are the rulings of the Most Beautiful Names, so We will make it easy for hardship. That is why his mercy expanded everything, anger ceased, his judgment rose, ranks were established, doctrines became clear, and he distinguished himself from the rider, and God speaks the truth and He guides the way.

The four hundred and eighty-fourth chapter in the case of Qutb, his house was when you had reached the larynx, and at that time you looked while we were closer to him than you, and you will be the son of a son.

When a person is dying, prepare himself *** to see who he meets with his eyes

How amazing is he who is absent while he is present *** and a person does not see him because of his being

If it is removed from its structure and it is ephemeral *** then the existence of the truth is in the concealment of its preservation

Whoever is too close to something is his veil *** If that proximity was removed, he would help him

So he will witness it at once and with a specific awareness *** and he was singled out with this description for the sake of his time

Glory be to Him who is not witnessed by the eye except for His glory in what is beautified and shameful

The matter is only in my existence and being *** and among it were evidences of it

[ The truth is with the knower in the eye, and with the unknowing in the eye. ]

The first is the connection, the second is the separation, and it is nothing but the last breath, so what follows is a breath that comes out because it is not then and has come out and the heart has separated in the form of what was revealed to him. And this is a favor from God to His servant, so that God does not take a slave from among His servants except as He took him out of his mother s womb on instinct. A group and it seemed to them from God what they did not expect, except that those who have breaths of those present do not see with the truth in the whereabouts of this servant, for they are veiled from that except the people of God, for they reveal what is for the dying witness as it was with them. Taste, for the taste of every witness in what is witnessed is not for anyone else. what ram And their souls are in it

The Prophet, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, says, You will plunge into the Fire like a bed, and I am taking you into custody.

He likened them to the bed that gives him his mood to throw himself into a lamp and burn, but those who are its people, and as for those who enter it as roses accidentally because it is a way to the abode of heaven, they are the ones who swear by it, and the intercession of the intercessors and the care of the most merciful of the merciful after the fire takes them what their deeds require, just as those who are its people in The first time they enter it, they suffer the most severe pain with it and ask to get out of it, until when the punishment ends in them, they stay in it with eligibility, not with retribution, so the fire returned to them as bliss. It is known that he sees sight, but that is not the result of this remembrance. Rather, that is another matter. So let him wait for the opening of this special remembrance, which is his desertion, until God bestows upon him visual witnessing. It is necessary that the home requires it. Whoever has his family whom God Almighty has withheld from seeing that until their term comes to them also God Almighty made us in that place of those who witness what pleases him and not what harms him. avenue

The four hundred and eighty-fifth chapter on knowing the condition of Qutb, whose house was he who wanted the life of the world and its adornment, we will give them their deeds therein, and they will not be diminished in it.

- the Meccan Revelations - page 120 - from Volume 4

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