The Meccan Revelations: al-Futuhat al-Makkiyya

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page 2 - from Volume 1 - Meccan Revelations

[ part one ]

In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful (May God s peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammad)

[ Book sermon ]

[ Reflections on Existential Truth ]

Praise be to God, who created things from non-existence and non-existence and made their existence based on the orientation of a word, so that we may investigate the secret of its occurrence and its progression from His feet. And the other name established for him the appreciation of annihilation and loss, and before that it was proven. Abd al-Halim is Abd al-Karim, not Abd al-Ghafoor, he is Abd al-Shakur. Every servant has a name that is his Lord, and he is the body of that name, his heart. He is the All-Knowing, Glory be to Him, who taught and taught, and the Ruler who ruled and ruled, and the omnipotent who conquered and conquered, and the One who was able and gained and did not appreciate the rest that was not done by the attribute of survival and the sacred. When watching from confrontation and conversa Glory be to Him, He is Exalted in His Attributes, and Exalted is He, Exalted is He, in His Essence, and He is manifest, and that the veil of glory without Glory is closed, and the door to the knowledge of His Essence is closed.

The Lord is right and the servant is right *** Oh, would my hair be from the charge

If you say a slave, then he is dead *** or you say, "Lord, I will be charged."

He, Glory be to Him, obeys Himself if He wills, He creates Him and does justice to Himself from the duties that He has entrusted to Him. There are nothing but empty ghosts on empty thrones, and in the reverberation of the secret is the secret of what we have referred to for those who are guided, and I thank Him for the gratitude of those who realized that by commissioning the name of the adored appeared and with the presence of the truth There is no power and no power except with God the truth appeared. Generosity. Otherwise, if you make heaven a reward for what you did, then where is the divine generosity that you reasoned, then you are from the knowledge that you are talented and from the knowledge of the origin of your soul is veiled. The Almighty is the All-Lateful to His servants, the All-Knowing, there is nothing like Him, and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing.

[ Reflections on the Muhammadan Truth ]

And prayers for the secret of the world and its joke, and the demand and desire of the world, the truthful master, the narrator, to his Lord, the One who pierces the seven paths, to show him those who were captivated by him the verses and facts deposited in the creations of creation that I witnessed when I created this sermon in the world of the realities of the example in the presence of the Almighty, revealing his heart in the presence of the unseen and when The Prophet, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, witnessed him in that world, the infallible master of the purposes, the preserved of the scenes, the victorious, the supporter, and all the messengers in his hands are in line, and his nation, who is the best nation on him, are wrapped around him, and the angels of subjugation are around the throne of his abode, Hafuon, and the angels born of deeds are in his hands, Safin, and the friend is on his right, the souls, and Al-Faruq is on his left, the most holy and seal. In his hands, he urged him to tell him the hadith of the female, and Ali, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, was translating the seal with his tongue and the two lights.

- the Meccan Revelations - page 2 - from Volume 1

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  This is the book of the Meccan Revelations, by the Greates Master Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi

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