The Meccan Revelations: al-Futuhat al-Makkiyya

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page 2 - from Volume 2 - Meccan Revelations

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

( The seventy-third chapter on knowing the number of secrets that happen to the viewer when facing and deviating, and how much he deviates from the interview )

The angels of God came to us *** to stop us on the certain news

She said the saying of an infallible, knowledgeable *** innocent of the circumstances of the suspicions

Twenty-eight have come to us*** openly, then ten in ambush

Eight are tough and tough *** and five of them are tough and soft

With twenty-four we opened *** and what is above the seven of them are my companions

Fifteenth in Lane Aish *** and four to apply eyelids

And on the twenty-first we slipped *** from the calendar in the honest country

We extended our shadow to the veil of Ghosn *** over the people in kindness and leniency

The prayer of the polytheists has a triangular mic *** that makes me religious

And one prolonged weaning by force *** and a deviant united in the two veins

If the lonely one becomes a plural *** and he loves like him, he loves him without me

The worries dispersed the day after, and the dead man knew her after a while

With intercession from your daughters, we sang *** and repeat one of the morning

And the appendages of the celestial spheres are ten *** and the substitutes have the towers of affairs

And from holding the centenary, we have three *** on Adam's heart with certainty

And the forty days of Noah's heart *** on white with clear light

In the heart of Hebron, we have men of seven, like the lions of the den

And five souls have steadfastness *** with a pure heart, an honest soul

And Michael recited by three *** holding them to the firm rope

And Israfeel is followed by Wahid *** with a heart that has mastered the arts

Five *** they were disturbed from fixation *** and if it were not for them, they would have been in silence

He helps me to become a partner, and you see *** He received the victory of that with the oath

Najeeb from eight nobles *** and twelve captains of religion

The provinces of the country have men *** over representation in the eyes of the eyes

And we guarded with four men *** from the stakes in the fortified fortress

The Imams of the Two Worlds are Ministers *** King of the World Al-Qutb Al-Makin

- the Meccan Revelations - page 2 - from Volume 2

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