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displaying page 102 - from volume 4 - The four hundred and seventy-one chapter on knowing the condition of Qutb whose house was his say If you love God ...

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page 102 - from Volume 4 - The four hundred and seventy-one chapter on knowing the condition of Qutb whose house was his say If you love God ...

Except to the reasons and how, and he said, and your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him, and O people, you are the poor toward God. What is worshiped just as He appointed the worshiper from every worshiper by saying also, I heard him when he addressed him with the assignment and definition, so he heard his words only by hearing him, as well as all his powers that only the worshiper of God is with them, so he did not appear in the worshiper and the worshiped except his identity, his wisdom, cause and cause were only him and his cause and cause were not. Except Him, in Him is a slave and a slave

He, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, said in his sermon when he praised his Lord.

So he spoke and heard, and this is a matter that does not negate, for it is the same matter, except that the excellence among people is what some of them have seen and some of them forbidden, so the world knows from others what others do not know from himself from what he is in himself, so the differential appeared, and with this appearance the creature does not come out of the truth being his identity with evidence of differentiation. The divine names are the attributes and not something else

Creation is not known without it *** and the truth is not known without it

As for his description of being rich in the world, it is only for those who imagine that God Almighty is not the eye of the scientist, and a difference between evidence and meaning is not achieved by looking. So knowledge is known to knowledge, so it is known, and knowledge is subjective to the scientist, and it is the saying of the speaker that it is only other than it. He is other than him and hot, so he pronounced what his understanding gave him and said that the description of the truth is neither it nor it is other than it, but if we say we are like this saying what we say according to what the speaker says, then it makes sense for the excess and it is necessary and we do not say the excess. We seek refuge in God from being among the ignorant. These are some of the results of this emigration, and God speaks the truth and He guides the way.

The four hundred and seventy-one chapter on knowing the condition of Qutb, who was his home, said: If you love God, then follow me, God will love you and forgive you your sins, and God is forgiving.

If you love your Lord by following *** I love you like that and then increase

On double love you will be satisfied *** the dominion brought you when they prevailed

And if you loved him other than this *** you benefited and you were not of those who benefited

[ Real compulsory worship and voluntary worship ]

And the

He, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, said on the authority of God that God Almighty says: What draws close to me is more beloved to me than performing what I have made obligatory upon them, and the servant continues to draw near to me with supererogatory deeds until I love him, and if I love him, I will be his hearing, sight, hand and supporter.

It has been reported more complete than this. This displacement, if the slave adheres to it or who adheres to it and achieves it, opens him to the knowledge of himself and his Lord, and he knows that the worship of the obligatory acts is a true obligatory worship, and the worship of the supererogatory is an optional worship that smells of godliness because it is humility and humility works. A share in sovereignty, and for this reason the servant responded from the one who has no servant, so this is a deficiency in the degree of the supererogatory obligation, because the servant lacked knowledge of the matter as much as he believed from supererogatory actions. Happiness is not like it, and that is because the slave is a slave to himself, but his slavery is not rationalized for him unless it is reasonable for him to rely on a master, and the Lord is Lord for himself, but it does not make sense for him to have lordship as long as he does not make sense to him. In terms of the elevation of this that we have said, there is neither a scholar nor a known nor a lord nor a master, and the matter is nothing but a Knower, Knower, Lord, and Master, and He is the One Who is upon existence.

God Almighty has told that God has servants who love them and who love Him

So he made their love a middle ground between two of his love for them, so he loved them, so he guided them with this love to follow His Messenger in the duties he brought them to them, and to encourage them to impose upon themselves the image of what he enjoined upon them called supererogatory, then teach them that if they follow him in what he brought, he loves them. Care and the second is love, reward and dignity for a beloved arrival

- the Meccan Revelations - page 102 - from Volume 4

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