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displaying page 98 - from volume 4 - The four hundred and sixty-ninth chapter in the case of Qutb was his home and I delegate my affair to God

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page 98 - from Volume 4 - The four hundred and sixty-ninth chapter in the case of Qutb was his home and I delegate my affair to God


The Messenger of God, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, said, Evil is not yours.

And from his being a character he feels sensory and psychological pain as he senses tangible and moral pleasures and knows the difference between them and that pleasure accompanies pleasure and that sadness accompanies pain of course. Every situation that arises in existence that conforms to the purpose and fits the nature and that does not conform to the purpose and does not fit the nature, even if the matter is from the acceptor, because we saw what Zaid would be harmed by which Omar enjoys, and we knew that the cause is in the acceptor and that the command coming from him, the Most High, is one-eyed, and there is no division in it. His command is numerous, and when this remembrance has prevailed in all cases, if the one who remembers God with him achieves what was set up for him, then it is a claim, for God must afflict the person who remembers God with this remembrance to this extent, for the case opens the door to affliction in the old and the hadith if you understand and if the one who remembers it has not occurred to him The origin of his situation is in the mind, rather, he reminded God of it because it is lawful without stopping with the reason for its existence and its legislation. God may afflict it and it may not afflict it. but says that Informing you that God is praiseworthy in any case, for there is no condition as we have decided but that he has a face in creation to take pleasure in it and suffer with it. He made the owner of adversity praise God, and for this he heals him and prevents him from that adversity, because his praise is thanksgiving for this favor, which is that he inspired him and used it in praise of God and did not use it in boredom and wrath, so he healed his interior with what inspired him to him from praise, so God increased him wellness by removing adversity from him and this is a precise meaning included in praise be to God In any case, it is equal to the praise of prosperity, and it is praise to God, the Bestower, the Bestower, and with more and more. Those who remember God by downloading it, then he is praise of ease and praise of hardship, and God speaks the truth and He guides the way.

The four hundred and sixty-ninth chapter in the case of Qutb was his home, and I delegate my affair to God.

Existence is logic and logic *** and authenticated and confirmed, so think about it

A thing is lying itself, so it is lying *** and lying, and the eye does not multiply

So to what does the matter that *** you have said about our matter returns, so see?

Until you see it with the eyes, then delegate the matter of existence to him, and do not be confused

[ It is not in the power of the creature to be carried by God .]

God Almighty said to His Prophet, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, to say to his people when they returned his supplication, so they will remember what I say to you, and I delegate my affair to God, and he is the one who overflows and does not overflow until it is filled with him. What the creature carries and what overflows from that, and it is the face that the creature is not able to carry, God carries it. Creation was divided into two parts, some of them made the surplus of that to God Almighty, and he said: I delegate my affair to God and attribute that matter to himself, because when he came to him what he imagined that he would prefer him and imagine that he accepts it all. To God who is not aware of this person from whom what happened is to God in every way, and the credit remains only in the one who knows that, so he delegates his affair to God, so he has a hand in that with God, and among them are those who do not know that, he has no status with God and no right to be directed. God, say: Are you equal? Those who know and those who do not know, only people of understanding remember.

[ For the servant is subject to the appearance of the trace of every divine name which it bears .]

And know that the servant who accepts the command of God does not accept it except with a special divine name, and that that name does not go beyond its reality. When he delegated his words to him, and I delegate my affair to God

- the Meccan Revelations - page 98 - from Volume 4

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