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displaying page 31 - from volume 3 - Chapter Three Hundred and Eight: Knowing the House of the Mixing of the Whole World from the Muhammadan Presence

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page 31 - from Volume 3 - Chapter Three Hundred and Eight: Knowing the House of the Mixing of the Whole World from the Muhammadan Presence

The first divine form and leaves the intermediaries and descends from that form on all forms from top to bottom, and in every form he does not look at it except in terms of that face specific to it with his own face until he ends with all forms and knows from that divine command all that is in the world from the first intellect To earth from the divine secrets when a priest or a fortune-teller and the likes of these know what happens in the racist world, especially of accidents. Then the knower covers that divine command who analyzes the literature and the divine presence by taking it from him, and the light and the splendor that if the divine command ascends on its ascension, the angels of the highest heavens marvel at him So God boasts about him to His angels and says, This is a servant who has been placed in the bottom and the lowest of the lowly in relation to you. His house has not affected him, nor his home has judged him, nor has he been veiled from me by his many veils, and he has violated everything and looked at me and taken from me, so how is he like you if he were without veils of darkness, thick and racist? The listeners say, Glory be to you, that is your grace. You single it out for whomever You will of Your servants, from Your favor and mercy, and You are the Possessor of great bounty. No one of God s creation can compare to this servant except the first intellect and the angels who are close and controlling, and there is no heart with this reward from this world except the hearts of individual men of God such as Al-Khidr and his likes. And they are at the foot of Muhammad, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, for this we have mentioned a little of the image of the angels descending on the standing heart of the Muhammadi. The science of what is, the science of the unseen, the science of quantities, the science of returning things to their origins, the science of going, the science of the Hereafter, the science of attaching the second to the first, the science of the creation of the world, the science of stability in place and position, the science of life, the science of the length, breadth, and depth of the world and from where it was acquired, the knowledge of weather events and their causes, which are the upper effects and the science of citizen Silence and speech and the science of plural and differentiation, and it is from the science of lineage, the science of the subtleties of cunning, and the science of piety, i.e. that which is produced by piety in his sayings and fear God and God will teach you and where from him His saying: If you fear God He will make you a difference, and the science of charity i. The words of God are among the words of the creatures, and God is All-Knowing of everything, for He encompasses everything in knowledge and enumerates everything by number. He says the truth while He guides the way

Chapter Three hundred and eight on knowing the house of the mixing of the entire world with the presence of Muhammad

I am astonished by someone who says, Be for not *** and to whom it was said, No, then

Sleep if it was a movie that was said to him *** Let it be and the universe is indivisible

It has invalidated the ability of the ***, inferred by reason and judgment

How can the intellect have evidence, which *** has been built by the intellect by unveiling, is destroyed

So the salvation of the soul is in the law, so don't be a person who saw and then was forbidden

And hold fast to the law of unveiling, for *** has won goodness, slaves who have been protected

Ignore the thought and do not pay attention to it *** and leave it like meat in a hug

Thought has a place, so it is supported by it *** in it you will be a person who has mercy

Every knowledge that the law bears witness to *** is knowledge, so hold fast to it

And if the mind disagrees with it, then say: Your development adheres to what you have in it.

God has abundant knowledge *** he who did not say what and then did not attain it

Ignorance of air conditioning in it, and *** denied her mother-in-law Rafat Sultan km

Like the ignorant tablet on which *** wrote the truth from the knowledge of the pen

[ People differed in the name of the human being ]

Know that the people differed about the name of the human being, so a group said he is the gentle, and another group said he is the body, and a group said he is.

- the Meccan Revelations - page 31 - from Volume 3

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