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displaying page 80 - from volume 3 - [ Existence is like an image in a mirror ]

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page 80 - from Volume 3 - [ Existence is like an image in a mirror ]

Nor does it exist, and if it is non-existent, then it is not present if it is possible, then there is no difference between it and this eye on which existence has been stripped. About the presence of the possible, how is it?

Existence is like an image in a mirror .

Know that the existence of this eye is like the image in the mirror. It is neither the eye of the beholder nor other than the eye of the beholder, but the visible place in it and through the looker in it, this image appears. You see the image along its length, and the beholder in himself is different from that image from a face and his image from a face. The eye of the mirror, not the eye of the beholder, but it appeared from the rule of manifestation of the mirror. The beholder, his right hand raised the image, the left hand knows that I am, and if I am of your transfiguration and in your image, it is not you, nor I, you. If he heard, who worked, who was assigned, and you knew who you are and who your Lord is, and where your status is, and that you are the one who is in need of Him, Glory be to Him, and He is the One who is rich in you by Himself. With your knowledge that there is nothing in the mirror at all, nor is there anything in the beholder from the mirror, with the awareness of diversity and influence in the eye of the image from the mirror, and the fact that the beholder of what he is is not affected, so glory be to the one who sets parables and the most prominent evidence of him is that nothing resembles him nor It resembles something and there is nothing in existence but it, and existence is not benefited except by it, and it does not appear to an existing eye except by its manifestation. Its forms, while being a mirror in every case, so are the possibilities, such as the forms in the possibility and the divine manifestation gaining the possibilities of existence and the mirror gaining the forms, so the king, the essence, the body, the presentation and the possibility appear. To whomever you will, after standing on this truth with disclosure and knowledge. And you know who you are and who he is, and God speaks the truth and He guides the way, and in this house is the knowledge of the two sides, the science of the presence in which the eye of truth is from the eye of lying, the knowledge of what hides the servant from what is in his misery, the knowledge of different conditions, the science of the seal, the science of number and its properties, the science of analogy, and the science of man in terms of his nature Nothing but the knowledge of antecedents and suffixes, the science of livelihood and treasures, the science of prohibiting veils, the science of ownership, the science of generosity directed, and the knowledge of the agreement of the agent from the money of his client and his disposal in it is the behavior of the owner with the money being not his, the knowledge of wishing, the knowledge of justice, and praise be to God, Lord of the worlds. ?

Chapter Twenty-Second Three Hundred and Knowing the House of the One Who Sold the Truth for Creation, and He is from the Muhammadan Presence

Gathering the people on one imam *** the evidence for the one God

If someone other than God claims his place, this is evidence of a corrupt imagination

Where is the one knowledge that *** does not accept the lineage that is in the witness

The right mind does not accept who *** gives Shariah from the existence of excess

- the Meccan Revelations - page 80 - from Volume 3

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