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displaying page 75 - from volume 4 - [ What is the meaning of pole ]

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page 75 - from Volume 4 - [ What is the meaning of pole ]

That is, this verse is similar to the other verse and the origin of the chapter on the poles

His saying, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, all of you are shepherds

Even the human being is on his limbs and all his powers are from the beginning, which is the outward and present, and it is the inner

[ What is the meaning of pole ]

Know that there are many different things in the world, so everything revolves around a matter, so that thing is the pole of that matter. This is its pole and the image of that pole revolves around it the image of that matter whose pole is called the one face of the pole in the south, which is the soul, and the other in the north, which is the image. The gnosis that occurs for the perfection of existence, except that in every category of the world it is complete and imperfect, and it is not perfected except by this perfect human upbringing.

[ God made the physical world in the two homes of this world and the hereafter ]

Then God made the bodily and corporeal world into two houses, a house called the world and a house called the Hereafter, and made their inhabitants humans and jinn, and the considered among them humans, and those considered from human beings are completeness and nothing else. God and then the types of remembrance: Glory be to God, the restricted and the absolute, and praise be to God as well, and God is greater as well, and there is no might or power except with God. So, Omar with this category intended by the world first is the world s home of the two worlds and made their residence in it for specified periods to which they end, then they move when their time is empty to the hereafter and I transferred them There are two types of them: those who move with death, which is the separation from the life of this world, and they live in the life of the Hereafter, and of them are those who move to the life of this world without death, and they are the martyr in the cause of God in particular. Then he sent in every nation a messenger to teach them what the matter is upon them for which they were created, and to teach them what they should do, and what they have if they do that of good with God in the hereafter, and what will happen to them if they do not do it from punishment when they do. God is in the world, if those in charge of their affairs know that and in the hereafter, then He places the merit in them, and among them are the most virtuous and the best of nations and of the Messengers, and He sealed the nations with the nation of Muhammad, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, and made them the best nation brought out to people. A Messenger after him legislates, and there is no law after his law that comes down from God, except what his law decreed from the ijtihad of the scholars of his nation in deriving rulings from his book and the Sunnah of his Prophet. The deducer, which was proven by ijtihad, and the jurists made it a fourth principle, just as they made consensus a third principle, and it is the consensus of the first chest. They have a text in it, because their view and instincts are different, so it is necessary to differ, and they have unanimously agreed on a matter, for that ruling is definitive with us. What we decided in this section, so we occupied ourselves with mentioning the poles of the Muhammadans, because Muhammad, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, is the master of people on the Day of Resurrection, and he and his nation are the last, first.

[ The Muhammadan poles are of two kinds ]

And know that the poles of the Muhammadans are of two types, poles after his mission and poles before his mission. poles who were before his mission are the messengers and they are three hundred and thirteen messengers. The book mentioned the seal, and after this chapter, the twelve poles are mentioned, complete, God willing

[ The homes of the Muhammadan poles who are the messengers, may God bless him and grant him peace ]

As for the homes of the Muhammadan poles who are the messengers, may the blessings of God be upon them all, there is no way for us to speak about their homes. The heirs are only a messenger, a prophet, a guardian, or whoever is among them.

- the Meccan Revelations - page 75 - from Volume 4

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