The Meccan Revelations: al-Futuhat al-Makkiyya

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[ The teacher of truth is God Almighty ]

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Know that the teacher in truth is God Almighty, and the whole world is a beneficiary, a seeker, a needy person, and He is His perfection. So whoever does not have these characteristics has ignorant of himself, and whoever is ignorant of himself has ignorant of his Lord, and whoever is ignorant of a matter, he has not given it its due, and whoever has not given it. A matter that is due to him has been wronged in the ruling and stripped of the ambiguity of knowledge. It has become clear to you that all honor lies in the knowledge and the one who knows it according to that knowledge. So if he is given an action in the direction of the truth, he will act upon it, and if he is given an action in the aspect of creation, he will act upon it. Then he walks in a white, pure, tolerant state, unseen. In it there is crookedness and no deadness. The first learner came before knowledge by learning, not by self. The first mind, so God understood what He taught him and commanded him to write what


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