The Meccan Revelations: al-Futuhat al-Makkiyya

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In knowing the knowledge of blessings and emptiness towards affliction, which is from Hazrat Muhammadiyah

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FUTMAK.COM الفتوحات المكية: الصفحة 104 من الجزء Three

The happy people are given this competition for good deeds on the path of economics, by giving each person who has a right his due. So the world was divided into three parts, each hand having a special class, and what is between them has a special class, and the classes of hands have a rank of greatness and prestige. As for a single hand, the class attributed to it is of great importance in itself, greatness. The other type is great in rank, but his greatness is not intrinsic, so he is exalted because of his rank, not for himself, like those who hold positions in this world, since they are not people of virtue in their souls, so they are exalted for their position, so if they are removed, that reverence that was in the hearts of the people for them is removed from them. This is the difference between the two groups, so there is a class of people of God who appear in the world of God. Another class is that they appear in the world for God, and the class that is between the two hand


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