The Meccan Revelations: al-Futuhat al-Makkiyya

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In knowing the source of blessings from Hazrat Musawiya

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Like a lamp, the fruit of this knowledge does not appear except in those who have learned about it, just as the rule of oil does not appear except in the lamp that is used to light the wick, and here it is acquired by him to acquire the descriptions that we have abstained from in the original in this position, and in this position we describe him with it for our sake, not for his sake, so this description is for the effects, not for him. There was God and there was nothing with Him, and this principle will be discussed in chapter three hundred and fiftieth of this book. Among what is included in this chapter is the knowledge of the creation of natural bodies and that their origin is from light. Therefore, if a person knows how to filter all the dense, dark bodies, the most prominent of them will be transparent to the light, which is their origin like glass. He was removed from the dirt of sand and returned transparent. He made clear the stones from this door, the crystal minerals


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