The Meccan Revelations: al-Futuhat al-Makkiyya

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[ The Divine Presence is divided into three parts with attributes and actions ]

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FUTMAK.COM الفتوحات المكية: الصفحة 579 من الجزء Two

Know that this house is the fourth house of greatness in the case of those with beginnings, and it is the eleventh, tenth, and hundredth in the case of the spiritual greats, and since the Divine Presence is divided into three sections with attributes and actions, this house is one of them, and it is the third of them, and since the attributes are in two parts, an attribute and an action. The description of transcendence was the description of transcendence from both of them. As for the transcendence of monotheism, it is that this monotheism which we attribute to the side of the truth is superior to being attributed to other than the truth, for it is the one that is superior to the truth, not the truth. We said this because it is permissible to describe it other than the truth in what gives it the word, just as participation occurred in the generalization. The word existence, knowledge, power, and all other names in relation to truth and creation, for this position makes this monot


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