The Meccan Revelations: al-Futuhat al-Makkiyya

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In knowing the spirit whose origins I have learned from the details of what I have written down in this book and the secrets that were between me and it.

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Covered with the robe of his modesty, he was approaching his affairs. Then the Most High Lord, the most sweet supplier and the most revealing light, turned and saw me behind the seal because he and I shared the ruling. So the Master said to him, “This is your judge, your son, and your friend. Set up the pulpit of the tamarisk for him in my hands.” Then he indicated, “Stand up, O Muhammad,” and praise those who He sent me and Ali, for there is a hair of mine in you that has no patience for me. She is the sultan in your self, so she will not return to me except with your fullness, and she must return to the meeting, for she is not from the world of misery. There was nothing from me after my sending in anything except Saad, and he was among those who gave thanks in public. The highest and praised, so the seal was set up, the pulpit in that most dangerous scene, and on the front of the pulpit was written in the light Al-Azhar: This is the purest Muhammadan position. He who ascended in


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