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displaying page 83 - from volume 4 - [ The seventh pole on the foot of Job peace be upon him ]

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page 83 - from Volume 4 - [ The seventh pole on the foot of Job peace be upon him ]

The situation is unknown, because the source of the truth is hidden, and only one whose place is to be aware of it is the confusion of affairs. The evidence for that is that we have gathered that there is no creator but God and that He is Wise who places matters in their places and does not encroach on their place. Everything that appears in the world is wisdom in its place, and we have gathered that All of creation and that most of the people of God say that if such and such were about an act that appeared in existence at the hands of a human being, it would have been better than this action that you did. This is what happened from the people of God except through their heedlessness of God, not their ignorance. I have seen any of the people of this taste, nor have I heard that he is seen, and he is very close to appearing, but the purposes prevent and desires from working in its acquisition, and that is the argument of those who do not intend to acquire it from the people of religion say that the law has commanded us to deny things and to say that the first is to leave this from his doing With my knowledge that the action is for God, we said you have spoken the truth, but no such vengeance came out Satisfied with a person who understood my rank, and that is because I said that he was ignorant of God s wisdom in what he objected to, and whoever objects to the objection of the Shari a, then he conveys God s objection in what is objected to. And he sees the wisdom of all of that and sees it in the divine affairs attested to him, and he does not witness them except when they are specially created. The truth among them is what is determined by formation and not by other possibilities, for the truth does not create it except by what it is in the absence of it without addition or decrease. There is something in it, for that thing is a first formation in the underlining and this disclosure without revealing what God shows are the objects of the possible as they are in the state of existence, so the judgment of God judges them.

In it, and to comprehend these affairs before they appear in the senses, there are many perceptions, the highest of which are what we have mentioned, i.e. the most extreme, and after that witnessing the truth in its formation, for this is higher than witnessing the scenes of them in the manifest imam and in others.

He said: I did not see anything but that I saw God with him

And he is higher in status than the one who says I did not see anything but that I saw God before him, for the first is a word of investigation, and if the other is similar to it in investigation, but between them there are two distinctions. The flags were not created except to communicate with them in the event of the absence of the person named by them and in the presence of what is required, and if they are brought, then as for the etiquette required by the situation or for confirmation in the news, I have explained to you from the condition of this pole what I heard and it has many conditions that I know I do in each pole as I mention all its conditions Because that widens the breach in it so that there is no time left

[ The seventh pole on the foot of Job, peace be upon him ]

As for the seventh pole, which is on the foot of Job, peace be upon him, and his Surah Al-Baqarah, which is white, which contains the lady of the verse of the Qur an and its places with the number of its letters.

It has been reported in the report that the truth says, neither my earth nor heaven encompasses me, nor the heart of My servant encompasses me

And not every heart can accommodate the truth, and he said, But the hearts that are in the chests are blind, so show the location of the hearts. From the people of Haditha Mosul, he was like this, and the truth informed him about a matter and he did not tell him his secret about it. In the year six hundred and twenty-eight, he asked to meet with us, and when he arrived, we mentioned his misstep, and I explained it to him, so he explained about him and was glad, and he came out to me in his condition when he saw me.

- the Meccan Revelations - page 83 - from Volume 4

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