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displaying page 496 - from volume 3 - [ Divine mercy that God created in his servants was created out of self-compassion ]

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page 496 - from Volume 3 - [ Divine mercy that God created in his servants was created out of self-compassion ]

A man from among the men of God named Abd al-Rahman

[ Divine mercy that God created in his servants was created out of self-compassion ]

Know that the divine mercy that God created in His servants to have mercy with is created out of the self-compassion by which God created the world when he wanted to know and with it He prescribed mercy for Himself. Self-mercy extends it to himself and looks at it, and in it witnesses fall from every merciful person, for God has described himself with love and intense longing to meet his loved ones, so he only met them by virtue of this mercy that the owner of this mercy witnesses. The mercy of the merciful to those who offended him, and what is required by the inclusion of divine grace and the breadth of existence, there is no witness for it except the mercy of gratitude, and it is the mercy that Satan begs for, without him there is no scene for these in written mercy or in self-mercy. Evidence for the Name, the Most Merciful, and for the Name God, but most people do not perceive, and I have not seen any of the people of God who warned against the trinity of mercy with this division, for it is a strange division as it is in the same matter. His meaning is only from revelation, and I do not know why our companions left the expression for it, although I thought that God had revealed to them about this. As for the prophecies, I knew that they stood on that with an eye, and from the light of their problems, we knew it, because God granted us divine and prophetic followers. Wherever you are, God in this association follows the servant wherever he was. We also follow him, the Most High, where he appeared by judgment. We are standing until he appears with an order that gives that command a special rule in existence, so we follow him in it and we do not appear in the public to be different from him as our silence about introducing him that he is if he is manifested in a form in which he denies with Our knowledge of it is presented by manifestation and the rule of denial, so we follow it with silence, and if we do not deny or acknowledge, then this is the divine following. Then he commands us to pray if we are imams with a prayer except weakness, so we follow the Most Merciful with what we have mentioned, we are the followers and we follow the Most Merciful with what our truths give him From need and want, he walks with what we are, we are the followers, so see what the realities of sovereignty give in slaves and the realities of worship and servitude in sovereignty. The Three and the Rulings of Mixtures in Animal Genesis, for this man, who is dominant over all of these, created the image of the fifth rak ah of Witr. A man emerged from it, a man from among the men of God called Abd al-Mu ti. So the giver is Abd al-Karim, and sometimes his giving is generosity, so the giver is Abd al-Jawad, and sometimes his giving is generous, so the giver is Abd al-Maqti and Abdul generous, and sometimes his giving is altruism, so the giver is Abd al-Ghani. It is proven only by those who know the meaning of His Rich Name, the Most High, and that is because it has been proven in the Sahih that the servant reaches a position where the truth in terms of his identity is all his powers in

He said I was his hearing, his sight and his hand

And other of its members and strengths is the hadeeth, and He, Glory be to Him, is the Rich, for Himself is the singing that cannot be removed from Him. It is for his identity, the Almighty said, and they prefer themselves over themselves, even if they have a need, rather they have a privilege. Its people are the most courageous of them to work on it, for they are too afraid to accept it, so how to be characterized by it and the rest of the names are insignificant sermons The image of the sixth rak ah of Witr emerged from it a man of God s men called Abd al-Mu min

[ Faith is a divine attribute .]

Know that if faith is a divine attribute, then it is what appears from all indications on the validity of what the claimant, i.e., the claimant claims.

- the Meccan Revelations - page 496 - from Volume 3

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