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page 97 - from Volume 3 - Meccan Revelations

Know, may God help you, that this house is special and not from other houses. There is no knowledge of it that appears from it in the universe or indicates it in the eye or in the name or in the ruling except for the judgment of God in terms of this name that is the collector of the ranks of divinity in it, i.e. in that knowledge is a view from one face and two sides And three, four and more, and you don t find that in other houses, so I asked how much he knew about it, and he raised the house to me in its entirety, so I saw in it twenty-three flags set up, and I looked at the divinity in all those flags, and I found looking at it from forty faces, and it was said to me that only the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, and from this The house was his dominion over the whole world, so whoever inherited it in it from his ummah, he obtained from it the dominion through his destiny in this assembly. One of the issues is the knowledge of the duality of premises for production and the knowledge of the addressee s dispute with the Messenger, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, with his belief in him and in what he brought from God. He informs about God what He sent him with, and with all this he is called upon in the very same that he brought, so he rises to God to judge between them, and it is one of the most difficult sciences in conceptualizing the existence of faith and belief in it from the opponent. The branches to their origins, and whoever attaches a branch without its origin, what God has decreed in it by means of disclosure, and in it is the knowledge of the appearance of falsehood in the form of truth and falsehood that it does not exist, and the image is present, then it is truth. And he knew the difference between the first thought and the second thought, and that he was not held accountable by the first mind, but he was held accountable by the second thought, and the second was the image of the first. Numbers are what is apparent from what is apparent to them and in which there is a knowledge of attaching those who have been enslaved by the veil of proverbs to freedom for the one who turns the facts in his view. With it without taste, what divine attribution gave such a ruling in divine knowledge as his saying Until we know and he knows then this is the science of taste and in it is the knowledge of the extent to which the attribute that does not accept likeness is established in the servant to remove this reality from this person who lowered the rank of the imam in a wrong place. Between the facts and imagine this that

The saying of the Prophet, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, that I see you behind my back

By his vision, he became an imam, for he was given the rule of looking as it is for the imam, and the imam is an imam, and the successor is behind. That is why he asks for him by the life of a number of souls who fulfilled him in the capacity in which he used to spend his soul, so the honor of himself appeared over others, as a group of people like him took the place of himself with the participation in the form, the station and the condition, and God made the distinction between them and made the right of the soul over itself greater than the rights of its like upon him. He who killed the souls of others at will without severing blame is between pardon and blame, with their rights attached to him, and he made the killer of himself in the Fire by forbidding him Paradise because of the greatness of his right over himself.

It has been stated that the right of God is more deserving of being fulfilled than the right of others

So he made the right of the soul, and in it there is the knowledge of the reason for which he arranged these rights in this way and made for them these divine limits, and in it there is knowledge of the torment of the one who conceals the truth from his people if directed against him, revealing it to them by the divine obligation, and in it is the knowledge of those who deviated from the truth after establishing the evidence on him that is cut off. About the truth and what is its ruling regarding this transgression with God, and in it is the knowledge of the punishment of the people of veils, is their torment with their veil or something else, and in it is the knowledge of the combination to define the deeds that are forgotten by them and not forgotten, and those who take charge of that from the divine names, and in it there is a knowledge of the connection of the knowledge of God that the universes do not comprehend with what is in the world by way of watching and sitting Then delaying the definition of what was from the universes of deeds until a specific time specified by God and in it there is the knowledge of the afterlife and the worldly secrets, and in it there is the knowledge of the etiquette of intimacy among the contrites, and what begins with one who communicates with his Lord or one of the people of God, and in it is the knowledge of the vastness of councils.

- the Meccan Revelations - page 97 - from Volume 3

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