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page 95 - from Volume 3 - Separation

He recites it with it, for that is the Qur an, and among us is he who recites it himself, so that is the Furqan, and it is not correct to recite them in one eye or one condition. Whoever reminds him by remembrance only, then he is the companion of those who remember


Know that God revealed this Qur an in letters composed of two to five continuous and single letters, and made it into words, verses, surahs, light, guidance, illumination, healing, mercy, remembrance, Arabic, clarifying, truth, book, decisive, similar and detailed. He deserves the name of the Qur an, so let us mention the ranks of some of his attributes so that the people of God know his status


It is from this that it is letters, and the meaning of this name is two things, the one command called word, speech, and utterance, and the other command is called writing, number and line, and the Qur an writes for it the letters of the number and is pronounced with it, then it has the letters of the pronunciation. God has told us His Prophet, may God s prayers and peace be upon him, that he, Glory be to Him, will manifest himself in the Resurrection in different forms, so he is known and denied. We also say, Speak with a voice and a letter as befits His Majesty, and we carry it with joy, laughter, eye, foot, hand, right and other things that are mentioned in the Qur an and Sunnah, which must be believed in the reasonable meaning, without modality or analogy. If the letters are coordinated, it is called a word, and if the words are coordinated, it is called a verse, and if the verses are coordinated, it is called a surah. The same named is a sound, and its interruption from the sound where it is cut off is called a letter, and all of that is reasonable from what the divine news of it occurred to us with the denial of analogy and simile like all other attributes. The unseen and the appearance of the letters are testimony, and the letters are circumstances of the meanings that are their souls, which were placed to indicate them by virtue of collusion, and the Almighty said, We did not send any messenger except in the language of his people to make clear to them and convey to them and convey from this disclosure from God to His servants what these expressions are in the tongue, what they must be understood. It is reported about the universe, so the meaning indicated by that speech is known, and the ratio is known. The one who pronounces it named Quran, Torah, Psalms and Gospel, its letters designate the ranks of a word in terms of its vocabulary, then the word in terms of its plural meaning has no meaning for the individual letters of the word. It is called a word in the Arabic tongue, derived from the word, which is the wound, which is an effect on the body of the bereaved. A word on its own is like the letters with the word, as it has been decided that the group has a ruling that does not have the vocabulary of that group. The Qur an is other than what we have mentioned of surahs, verses, words and letters, for this I have given you a complete command in the Qur an, and the mansions differ, so the verses differ, so the words differ, and the letter systems differ, and the Qur an is very large. We made it speech, so if We sent it down as a book, then it is an arrangement of numerical letters for the order of words, for the order of verses, for the order of surahs. The attribute of the hand is not the attribute of the soul, so it is

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